Why do we develop emotional attachment to things?  With some things it is easy to pinpoint because of a memory associated with the object, but most of out things don’t necessarily have those strong memory ties to create emotional attachments.  So, why is it so hard to throw away that picture that hangs in the living room…the one you don’t love, it’s just there?  OR..maybe it isn’t hard for you to toss it, if that’s the case why is it easy for you, and not for others (ok…for me?!)  I have stuff in my house that just sits there….it doesn’t add beauty, it has no real emotional connection, it just fills a space.  Is is there because I’ve been too lazy to throw it away? Maybe it’s there because I have been afraid if I get rid if it, I may not be able to replace it.  I have some objects on my walls that at one time I PAID for, and I thought at the time they were worth it (maybe) and I liked them…but that doesn’t mean I’m going to like them forever. It’s time to get rid of that stuff, even if it is kind of like pulling off a band-aid sometimes.  That brings me back to the original question…WHY?  Where does that emotional attachment come from..and how do you get over it so it’s easier to decrease clutter.

Decreasing clutter is a good thing…in our living spaces, in our work spaces, in our personal calendars too. I don’t want clutter crowding my life, not on my walls, and certainly not in my family time.  It may be a little late and/or a little short, but here’s a little forewarning:  It better be important, very, very important or it may get cut out or never even put into my life because I want to concentrate on the important things.



Recently I had hoped for an “easy” button as advertised by staples office supply store.  A couple of people told me they are available, but I’m pretty sure that those are imitations of the advertised one.  After thinking about it for a while…would I really want one?  Yes. No.  Maybe!  It would certainly be nice to “click” everything is taken care of with no effort…all better 🙂   however, I think that like our grandparents told us, nothing worthwile comes easy.  If solutions were that easy to come by, solving problems would not serve to develop us as human beings, it would simply take up time.  I have enough things in my life that simply take up time, solving a problem, or finding a solution to a situation better accomplish more in my life than that or forget it, I’m not doing it.  Here’s to solutions, hopefully some are easier to come by than others, but hopefully they are all beneficial in one way or another!


Happy Easter everyone.  I read something today that a man had posted on facebook, and at the first line I thought “pffft…no way!”  What comes to your mind after the first line?

Would you sacrifice your child for a drug dealer, a thief, a murderer or any other manner of sinner? Think about what God did for us by allowing his only son to be sacrificed for us. He is risen so that we may have hope for eternal life. Happy Easter to everyone!

Like I said….when I got to the phrase “sacrifice your child” I was already thinking “No”.  I am amazed at how lightly I have taken that sacrifice for me.  I’ve always looked at Christ giving up His glory to be human,to be despised and  to be crucified as something to be thankful for, but I don’t think I’ve ever given enough thought to just how much God must love all of us to allow that to happen to His son. I know I would never want any of that to happen to my son (sons or daughters either) yet God allowed it for our salvation. I just found this a powerful thought today on this Ressurection Sunday.  Thank you Father for your sacrifice, and thank you Lord Jesus for your precious gift to me, amen.


What does “broken” mean to you?  It’s not a word that brings warm fuzzies to my mind by any stretch of the imagination.  I think it even carries a negative connotation for most of us (probably overgeneralized). From the time we are children broken is bad….”Who broke my_______?” fill in the blank and remember your parent saying that at some point.   NOT a positive I’ll bet!  Broken to me means no longer useful…non-functional….it’s broken.  What does broken mean to God? He wants us to be broken? I know God does not want us to be non-functional, so I think maybe it’s time to re-think my definition. I know that horses that are tamed for riding are called broken, and I know it can be done in a variety of ways, but the desired result is that now the horse is able to be controlled, and useful to its master.  Is that what God intends when He wants us to be broken?

I know that today I was thinking about being broken-hearted over a situation that was beyond my control and I began to wonder about why broken is a good thing in God’s viewpoint, and a bad thing in our viewpoint.  So, what does broken mean to you? More importantly, what does broken mean to God?  I think when we get that figured out there will be less heart-break in our lives entirely.

“I am second”

Recently I attended “Rock the River” a Billy Graham Organization event, and it was pretty cool.  There were a few videos prior to the times Franklin Graham took the platform, and those videos had a common ending, they ended with the phrase “I am (name) and I am second.” Which is pretty cool all by itself, but not too long ago I had been thinking about almost that very thing.  “What I want is irrelevant and getting my own way is not inconsequential, but of no import”, then sometime after that my brother-in-law preached a message about God having His will done in our lives, not our will.  All of that was added to this past Sunday by Pastor Curt speaking on God being our priority.  I’m starting to see a common thread here.  God is funny like that with me…it seems when He really wants me to get ahold of an idea, I hear it again and again, I suppose it’s so I can’t just pass off the first few times as coincidence. At any rate, I think I’m getting the message.  It’s time to really take a hard look at what I’m putting first in my everyday life. It better be God.  It should be God.  I want it to be God. More importantly, God wants it to be God! I think that may take some practice. Bring it on!   I am Susan, and I am second!

Goal oriented

So, what’s your ultimate goal?

For some it’s “I Win!”  We’ve all probably heard of “whoever dies with the most toys wins” but for some that is more or less their ultimate goal, the driving force behind their life.  For others it is “Be all you can be” like the Army slogan says.  There are countless ways to describe what it is that drives us, but how about this one “Well done, my good and faithful servant”.  Hmmm…I can’t honestly say that the driving force, the motivation of my life has been to be a servant.  Our society leans way more toward being a good master. Be the one in control, that’s the way to be happy is what the world would have us to believe.  They’re mistaken.  Happiness is transitory, joy isn’t. Power, control, wealth, none of those things can bring us joy, they may be able to bring some happiness (I for one wouldn’t mind trying a few of those things 😉 ) but they don’t bring joy, only being in the center of God’s will can do that.  His will is for us to be the servant, for Him to be the master.  What a relief! It’s not our responsibility to be in control, that is a load we never have to carry I’m glad to say.  So, do yourself a favor, look into being the servant instead of trying to be the master.  I know I’m going to try it! 🙂  Just lemme know how I’m doing!

While we wait

During Bible study this past week, we were finishing up James, and I wanted to recap James 5:7-20.  Pastor was saying….

“The early church expected Christ to return in their lifetimes, (almost immediately) and when it became obvious that it was not going to happen as soon as they thought, they began to write some of that stuff down….”

So, we find James encouraging the the early church to keep on keeping on, or “plod on” as I recently read in Pastor’s blog, and that applies to us today too.  While we wait, we have a list of how we are supposed to live, and what kind of people we need to be:

Be people of patience

Be people of peace

Be people of integrity

Be people of prayer

Be people of praise

Be people of belief (faith)

Be people of repentance

and Pray, Pray, Pray.

Tall order huh.  Thank you Jesus, we don’t have to do all that alone, we have the Holy Spirit to help us keep striving toward the goal of being like Christ.  I guess that’s it for today. 🙂  Choose excellence!